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Mourning Donald Sutherland, The Antiwar Activist

Antiwar 24 Jun 2024
He saw starved cities, black and cold and motionless, and the only thing in this whole dead terrible world that made a move or a sound were the airplanes that blackened the sky and far off, against ...

To deal with body shame, Mandi Lynn turned 300 women gold and photographed them nude

RNZ 21 Jun 2024
“We make women semi-starve and play small and make it so that, culturally, the only way you can exist in the world and be okay is less than potentially what your set point is, it’s hard.” Lynn says body shame costs us more than our wellbeing.

RED ALERT: LifeSite’s mission to expose evil and bring the truth to the world is at stake

Life Site 21 Jun 2024
All over the world men and women are discovering the truth through LifeSiteNews ... We are original journalists in a world where the art of journalism is almost dead ... World War III — The world is closer than ever to major international conflagration.

Largest aid shipment yet reaches beleaguered Gaza as US pier brought back into action

The Daily Mail 21 Jun 2024
The largest single shipment of aid to Gaza has taken place using the floating pier set up by the US military ... The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said children have been starving to death in Gaza ... The pier is pictured on May 16 ... It said ... .

Rushdie on how the best magical realism transcends fantasy

The Spectator 20 Jun 2024
My misgivings were immediately dispelled when I tuned in to hear a beautiful Japanese-Sunderland accent guiding me through the world in glass – window, smartphone, wine glass, tumblers… ‘I wish our humans were conscious – I’m starving.’.

When it comes to Israel-Palestine, true naivety is believing in endless war

Al Jazeera 20 Jun 2024
World leaders, who have, for too long, allowed the status quo to fester from afar, aware of the bubbling below the surface but distant enough to ignore the smell of the smoke rising, would be naive to ...

Israel’s isolation: An anti-Semitic horror story or inevitable outcome?

Russia Today 19 Jun 2024
Images of the dead, wounded and starving, coupled with Gaza’s total devastation, have rocked the world ... “It is time world leaders do something about it.”. For Liel, however, the solution is not in the hands of world leaders.

KEN’S CORNER: Good Morning Vietnam (Part-2)

The Liberty Beacon 18 Jun 2024
Religion maligned, and no religion allowed in Russia by pain of death, with 60 million Christians slaughtered or starved to death, and expanding that idea world wide using Rothschild Central banks.

A Mother’s Plea for Peace. Mairead Maguire

GlobalResearch 17 Jun 2024
... no immediate policy change by Israel, thousands and thousands of children will be starved to death! This ongoing genocide by Israel is being played out on all our television screens around the world.

Hohol “Peace Summit” an Embarrassing Shitshow with Key Countries Refusing to Endorse Goofy Scheme, by ...

The Unz Review 17 Jun 2024
Unfortunately there are people who are still balancing,” he said, adding that Russia was trying to divide the world ... This is simply not the way the real world works ... gay stuff on the whole world.

Lim: Arrived safely

Sun Star 15 Jun 2024
For two weeks after Papa passed, I couldn’t sleep ... They must be reunited now, she told us ... On one of these sea voyages during World War II, Papa and his crew were captured by the Japanese Imperial Army. They were starved and subjected to hard labor ... ....

Eid al-Adha arrives without ceremony as Israeli genocide hangs over Gaza

PIC 15 Jun 2024
Each year, Muslims from across the Middle East and around the world travel to and perform the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj in Makkah in Saudi Arabia, typically requiring some travel between several locations in and around the vicinity of Makkah.

San Diego muralist brings joy to kids, and her own inner child, in recent work ...

The San Diego Union-Tribune 15 Jun 2024
It all started in elementary school for Scarlett Baily ... Q ... A ... Q ... I was always intimidated by the art world and the myth of starving artists, so I decided to study art history while sneaking into art classes at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Starved families survive on bread alone in Gaza

Middle East Monitor 14 Jun 2024
“We are being starved, the world has forgotten about us,” said Um Mohammed, a mother of six in Gaza City ... But she ....