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The West Now Wants 'Restraint'- After Months of Fuelling a Genocide in Gaza, by Jonathan Cook

The Unz Review 17 Apr 2024
“Neither the region nor the world can afford more war,” the UN’s secretary general, Antonio Guterres, told the meeting ... Starving to death ... People, especially children, are literally starving to death.

Media watchdog calls out CBC Kids for “whitewashing” Hamas’ role in starving people in Gaza

True North 15 Apr 2024
Honest Reporting Canada took issue with the author’s lack of context, as Gaza is not the only place in the world where Muslims are starving – pointing to food insecurity in Yemen, Sudan, and Syria...

Letter: British friends envy the US economy

Bangor Daily News 15 Apr 2024
After 13 years of Tory austerity and trickle-down tax cuts for the wealthy, ordinary Brits are fed up with their sluggish economy, a starved National Health Service that once was the world’s model for ...

The world is still on fire

Gulf-Times 15 Apr 2024
This is both a humanitarian disaster in its own right and a symbol of our broader inability to act in the face of a crisis.If the world can’t even get food to starving children, how can it come ...
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Container gantry detail and loading of a ship in the deep water port of Yangshan, Shanghai, China

The myth of Chinese overcapacity

Asiatimes 15 Apr 2024

Sudan War: Hunger crisis on the horizon

Daily News Egypt 14 Apr 2024
People are starving,” says Cindy McCain, head of the World Food Programme ... The fighting has to stop now, or we’ll be facing the worst hunger crisis the world has ever seen.”.

Letters to the editor

Boston Herald 14 Apr 2024
Second, by starving its own population in the certainty that “useful idiots” around the world, in journalism and government as well as civilians, will blame Israel.� Hamas’s ...

A change in rhetoric, not in humanitarian aid

PIC 13 Apr 2024
Even though the entire world has seen footage of starving Palestinians, of Palestinians who have died as a result of starvation, of the massacres Israeli forces committed when Palestinians were just ...

Son of top Hamas leader is shot and killed by the Israeli army in his ...

The Daily Mail 13 Apr 2024
It also said assailants hurled explosives at soldiers ... READ MORE ... U.S ... Some 26 per cent of the population - around 577,000 people - were said to be starving by the start of the year, according to Arif Husain, chief economist of the World Food Program ... .

A total eclipse of the smart

Off Guardian 12 Apr 2024
Our small worlds rendered foolish in the vastness ... We are watching a changing world ... So many of the things the new ideologues want could never be achieved in a free democratic world and so that has to change ... It was our evolving legacy to the world.

Death Duties

Off Guardian 12 Apr 2024
What kind of person needs advice from 600 lawyers, academics and retired judges, plus 800 civil servants worldwide, in order to understand that it isn’t acceptable for a first world super-power with ...

War and Peace in an Ocean of Lies. Does Anyone in Washington Care About Israel’s ...

GlobalResearch 12 Apr 2024
... of seven employees of a charity that was bringing in food to those starving due to Israel’s blocking the entry of relief supplies have been the top stories all over the world, and rightly so.

Netanyahu must go!

Washington Blade 11 Apr 2024
But, despite this, Israel must now show the world its compassion, and its ability to continue to defend itself, while not starving women and children, and cutting off their medical care ... If they do, the world will support them.

Robert C. Koehler: No one owns the future

Daily Freeman 11 Apr 2024
Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in the wake of Israel’s April 1 drone strike on a convoy of cars from World Central Kitchen, a disaster relief organization bringing food to starving Gazans.

Israel and US deliberately gutting international law in Gaza

The Electronic Intifada 11 Apr 2024
Then they leave the wounded teenage to be eaten alive by starving dogs ... When will world stop this madness?!!— Furkan Gözükara (@GozukaraFurkan) April 4, 2024 ... World ...